The Complete List of Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells

Would you like to know what all of the Harry Potter spells are? And… what they are for?

This is a perfect place for you, because here is a list of all of the spells for everyone!

by the way Its LeviOsa not leviosaa!

Here are the spells, charms and curses

Accio: A charm that allows the caster to summon a object

Aguamenti: A spell used to produce water from a wand

Alohomora: A spell to unlock a door,window orobject

Avada kedavra: The natural killing curse

Crucio: One of the 3 unforgivable curses that creates pain.

Confundo: A charm to make confusion

Diffindo: The charm to cut anything

Expecto patronum: A difficult spell but the only known spell to attack dementors

Expelliarmus: A handy (even life saving) spell for removing an object in your enemy’s reach

Finestra: A  spell for shattering glass

Impedimenta: A spell to slow down and obstruct

Imperio: One of the 3 unforgivable curses that allows the casters to control anothers actions

Incendio: A spell to start a fire

Legilimens: A spell to see anothers memory

Levicorpus  cuases: Someone to hang by the ankle

Lumos: Turns a wand into tortch

Morsmordre: Allow the dark mark to come out

Nox: A spell to extinguishes wand light

Obliviate: A spell to erease a memory

Petrificus totalas: To temporily parylyse someone

Prioincantaten: A reverse spell

Protego: A shield to fend of spells

Protego totalum: A protection spell that can be used on a dwelling area

Reparo: A simple spell to fix

Revelio: A spell to reveal intruders

Sectumsempra: A violent spell to injure

Stupefy: A useful spell to knock out an opponent  in a duel

Unbreakable vow: Wizards will die if they break a promise

Winggardiun leviosa: A spell to levitate


Are there any that we’ve missed? Please comment and let us know below!

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