How to Make Unicorn Blood

If you’re Voldemort and need to eat unicorn blood to survive… please don’t hurt any unicorns!

Unicorn Blood

How about you instead make your own? Here’s how:

Time it takes: About 15 minutes


What you need:

A clean jar that your parents don’t need any more

Silver glitter-glue

Silver glitter

Hot water (only needs to be from the tap… don’t burn yourself! Maybe get some help from mum or dad. Unless you’re already an adult, if you’re in your 30’s I don’t think your parents would appreciate it!)



  1. Fill the jar with hot water
  2. Put the glitter glue in the jar, stir until it’s all dissolved
  3. Put the glitter in, stir again
  4. Put the lid on the jar
  5. Label it so everyone knows it’s unicorn blood!

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