How To Make Floating Candles

If your a muggle and want floating candles but you can’t use wing gardium leviosa ( a spell for levitating ) Just make it the muggle way its easy HERE’S HOW

What you will need:
A toilet paper roll
A glue gun
cream colored paint
A electric candle
Fishing line
sticky tape

1. Get your toilet paper roll and paint it.
2. Now get a glue gun and a electric candle and your toilet roll and glue it at the top of the hole.
3. Make wax dribble down using a glue gun.
4. Let it dry.
5. Hang it using fishing line to keep it up there use sticky tape.


How too make diy harry potters wand

Harry Potter wands are so expensive if you don’t know how much they are there over 20$ so why don’t you make your own here’s how.

You will need :

A glue gun ( low heat )

Brown paint

A chopstick

  1. Get your gun and chop stick and make a big circle at the bottom
  2. Start curling (no gaps ) around it until its the length of your hand going side ways.
  3. Repeat step 1 but at the top of the curled stick.
  4. Leave it to dry.
  5. Paint it.
  6. Leave it to dry.


How To Make A Hermione’s Wand

Every one thinks Hermione’s wand is really hard to make or super expensive to buy but it’s really easy. Why don’t you read this post and see how easy it is.

You will need :

A glue gun ( at low heat )

A chop stick

Dark green paint

Yellow paint

An apron so you can put the glue gun down so it doesn’t melt the table.

  1. Get a chop stick and your gun and start curling around the till you get to the top.
  2. Now make leaves in the gaps of ivy.
  3. Leave it to dry.
  4. Mix the yellow and green paint together.
  5. Paint it.
  6. leave it to dry.
  7. Have fun!

7 Facts About Our Pleasant Potion Master

1. He has an obsession with teddy bears.He has 464 hiding in his cupboard
2. He is often found dancing naked in his private rooms dancing to American classical pop.
3 .under his robes it was revealed that he wears rainbow thongs with a unicorn on front.
4. His middle name is not Tobias it is sunshine so that means his full name is Severus sunshine snape.
5. He is the only death eater that can produce a patronus .
6. He can fly without a broom stick because he is a death eater.
7. He spends Saturday night in front of a muggle tv eating coffee ice cream